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We take the time to understand the root of your problem to provide the best and most effective treatment. With cutting-edge equipment and dedicated care, you’ll be taking your first steps towards your recovery.

Our staff is happy to help work with your work comp and auto insurance. Please bring any paperwork with to your visit and please contact us with any questions. 

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At Harris Family Chiropractic, the doctors have advanced training in prenatal and pediatric adjusting. Dr. Jenny is certified in the Webster Technique, a technique that helps to reduce intrauterine constraint. Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

  • Provides greater comfort throughout pregnancy

  • Encourages optimal fetal positioning through proper pelvic alignment

  • Relieves neck, back, and pelvic pain

  • Supports a natural labor and delivery

  • Has been shown to reduce average labor time

Pediatric care ​is gentle and specific. Although it is important that every child's spine is checked for subluxations, whether they have symptoms or not, common symptoms we see resolve with chiropractic adjustments include:

  • Asthma

  • Bed wetting

  • Colic

  • Constipation

  • Ear infections 

  • Hyperactivity

  • Frequent illness

  • Growing Pains



We offer DOT Physicals, Fed Med cards, Drug and Alcohol testing, and aim to make same day appointments available. 

Appointments fill quickly. 

DOT Physical/Fed Med Card:

Drug/Alcohol Testing:

Please bring your driver's license and any applicable paperwork you received from your employer.

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Spinal Decompression Therapy works in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments by restoring proper function to an injured disc. This is done by producing a controlled, mechanical traction on the spine using our Titron DTS Decompression Table.  Spinal Decompression is applied to the spine to bring about several benefits including: 

  • Create negative intradiscal pressure to promote retraction or repositioning of the herniated or bulging disc material. 

  • Create lower pressure in the disc that will cause an influx of healing fluid and nutrients.

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